We know that at the core of every business

Keyspec Executive is a seasoned recruitment consultancy based in Durban, South Africa.

Our experience and broad knowledge allows us to recruit across seven different industry sectors, not only locally, but internationally too. Keyspec has successfully sourced, selected and placed many professional Candidates and has earned a reputation for connecting right-fit Talent with world-class Employers.

Our Divisions

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Transport & Logistics

If it moves, we can find the right person to move with it.

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IT & Digital

We stay abreast with a constantly evolving industry so you can develop your business.

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Industrial & Manufacturing

All the skills you need to make your business work.

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Financial & Legal

Minimise your exposure and maximise your “bang for buck” through smart financial and legal recruitment.

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Engineering & Construction

Let us help you build a skilled workforce to build your business.

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Education & Healthcare

Wherever you are, dispensing quality talent in the classroom or medical facility is our profession.

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Retail & FMCG

We have the right people to sell your business.

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Services We Offer

At Keyspec Executive we know that at the core of every successful business is its people. In fact, the importance of having an employee that is the completely right-fit for an organisation remains the most enduring source of competitive advantage in business today.It is for this reason that we fully immerse ourselves in the practices, policies and culture of our Client’s business – it is the silver bullet that ensures perfect-fit, first-time placement success, every time.

Keyspec specialises in:

  • Executive

  • Top Management C-Suite

  • Middle Management

  • Lower Management

  • Specialists & Professionals

  • Non-Managerial Employees

Over 20 Years Experience...

We know you want experience and you want someone you can trust to place the right people every time.



With over 20 years industry experience, Clive is passionate about placing the right people in the right jobs with the right businesses. He has a wealth of knowledge in many industry sectors and knows that perfect-fit placement is about attention to detail and asking the right questions.


Rhyno le Grange

I’ve been working with Clive Rohde for several years, and if there is one thing that I highly appreciate about working with him is his commitment to always uphold the highest standard regardless of any challenges that might occur. 

He understands that the success of business depends on the quality of employees and in today’s economic climate Clive especially understands that one bad hire can ruin their entire team's productivity.

For me it’s Clive’s determination and sheer drive which separates him from the average service provider in the industry and I would like to recommend him to any company seeking high level of expertise and commitment from a business partner or supplier.

Jacques van Heerden

I have no reservations in recommending the services of Clive Rohde and Keyspec Executive. I have had dealings with Clive for the past 4 years and have found him to be an honest, reliable and professional person. Clive is also highly skilled in corporate dealings and negotiations with many years of experience. I cannot think of anyone better equipped to negotiate future employment on my behalf.   

Balan Chetty

Clive Rohde is a very passionate and energetic individual who has excellent communication skills and extremely well organized. He is a man of integrity and always treats people with respect.

I would recommend Clive Rohde because he is ever ready to take on and challenge or project no matter the size or work involved- he will make the project a success.

Neelan Moodley

Clive is a true leader and a mentor to his staff, he sees potential in people and motivates them to be the best. He has the hunger and drive for success and the willingness to take on any challenge put in front of him to succeed. His personality is second to none always full of laughter and easy to talk attitude make him a standout person. I will recommend Clive Rohde because he is always gives 150% to any tasks that he undertakes, and his passion to help people improve.

BE Potgieter

I have known Clive to be a friendly and most sincere person, who is always upright and honorable in his business dealings, as well as among his colleagues, friends and family. 

It comes natural to him to be consistently generous in his actions that enable clients and team mates to feel positive, encouraged, confident and comfortable at all times. He has admirable people skills!

He attains a high level of performance, diligence, commitment, excellence, ownership and responsibility. Traits that make him a visionary leader, coach, mentor, team and role player, committed in assisting any company, future team or person to attain their mission, goals, culture and success. 

His disciplines, ethics and resolve as a trustworthy person are above reproach, and I therefore have no hesitation in gladly recommending Clive, believing he will deliver services of exceptional quality and value to all involved for the long term.

John Meyer

A determined man of integrity and loyalty. 

Very well researched and always in tuned with the latest technologies. 

Liked by strangers, loved by family and friends, respected by colleagues and co-workers. 

His broad vision and insight rumbles creativity and growth in any business potential. 

Jane Meyer

Clive Rohde has been steadfast, supportive and loyal during the past 12 years I have known him. He has a strong sense of family values and is a very involved, loving father. His life and work have shown him as a very capable leader with strong ethics, who is positive and encouraging to all around him. With these reliable and very consistent attributes, Clive has risen beyond the ordinary in the business field. 

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