Assessment for Integrity Testing


Integrity is an important trait of every employee in an organization.

As advised by Warren Buffet, integrity is one the three qualities an organization should look for before hiring its employees as it directly affects one’s behavior and attitude at workplace.


Purpose & Use:

According to research, candidates with high integrity display more commitment to one’s work, leading to more productivity.

Our Assessment for Integrity Testing will help an organization in assessing an employee’s  tendency to be honest and trustworthy. It enables recruiters to identify and hire the candidates who may not be involved in counterproductive activities as theft, absenteeism, non adherence to rules etc.

Use this test to:

  • Hire honest, dependable and trustworthy candidates.
  • To identify high risk candidates


Test Details

Number of Sections 1
Number of Questions 86
Test Duration 25 minutes
Test Language English

NOTE: If required, the test can be offered in other languages as well.
Please connect with us at for any such requirement.


Section Details:

Mettl Personality Profiler Assess the personality traits of a candidate in a workplace setting to assess one’s integrity.


How it works:

Step 1
Add this test to your cart and order online

Step 2
You will receive the test link via mail – send this to your candidate

Step 3
Candidate take the tests

Step 4
The test result is uploaded onto the client area.

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