C++ Developer Assessment


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Purpose & Use:

C++ is a general purpose, multi-paradigm programming language and is used for development of desktop and mobile applications. A good C++ developer should be well versed with the basics of C++ and Object-Oriented Programming concepts along with having expertise in advanced topics such as Pointers, Memory Allocation, Data Structures, etc.

This test will help you in measuring:

  • Basics of C++ Programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming concepts
  • Knowledge of Advanced Concepts like Memory Allocation, Pointers, Data Structures, etc.
  • Hands-on debugging and development skills


Test Details

This is a 60-minutes test aimed at thoroughly evaluating the knowledge, concepts, application and analysis skills of the target audience in C++ Programming. The test has 20 items divided into four sections as follows:

  • 7 MCQ/MCA items based on C++ basics
  • 5 MCQ/MCA items intended to test Object-Oriented Programming concepts
  • 6 MCQ/MCA items to test proficiency in advanced topics such as Pointers, Memory Allocation, Data Structures, etc.
  • 1 Hands-on coding problem that tests the problem solving and development skills in C++

Recommended experience bracket of target audience: 0.5-2 years

Difficulty level: Moderate


How it works:

Step 1
Add this test to your cart and order online

Step 2
You will receive the test link via mail – send this to your candidate

Step 3
Candidate take the tests

Step 4
The test result is uploaded onto the client area.

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