Internal Sales Executive Assessment


Online Aptitude Test For Bankers – Identify The Right Hire For Your Organization


The competencies assessed through the assessment have been chosen from the  Sales Profiler, which is the outcome of an extensive research on sales hiring. The research provides an in-depth understanding of the complexity of the sales role in terms of the Offering, Process and Buyer & Environment Sophistication. The interplay of these factors can help simplify sales hiring across industries by providing the right set of competencies to build a winning sales team, further classified into Personal Attributes, Work Orientation, Interpersonal Skills and Sales Aptitude.

Used for:

  • Recruitment and selection of a right candidate for an Internal Sales profile
  • Identifying gaps and preparing your sales representatives / associates / executives
  • Talent maximization
  • Identifying areas of training and development

Key profiles the test can be used for:

  • Internal Sales Professionals /Executives /Assistants
  • Online Sales Representatives
  • Entry Level Professionals in Inside Sales


Test Details

Number of Sections


Number of Questions


Test Duration

55 minutes

Test Language



Personality Profiler

Assesses the candidate’s behavioral competencies required for a sales role and is based on Big Five Model of Personality.

 Situational Judgement Test

Assesses the functional understanding of a sales role through real-life situational judgment questions.

 Aptitude Test

Assesses the candidate’s reasoning abilities.


How it works:

Step 1
Add this test to your cart and order online

Step 2
You will receive the test link via mail – send this to your candidate

Step 3
Candidate take the tests

Step 4
The test result is uploaded onto the client area.

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