Leadership Assessment – Development Report


Develop the DNA of your leaders.
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Purpose & Use:

Leaders directly impact the employee’s productivity, turnover, and organizational morale. The Mettl Leadership Assessment- Development Report is a comprehensive and objective assessment that provides insight into leadership styles and a leader’s work-oriented personality and helps them increase their overall effectiveness. This sophisticated assessment provides detailed advice based on 19 leadership attributes with the following applications:

  • A comprehensive tool for managerial and executive development and performance.
  • A foundation for management and executive counseling.
  • A career aid for MBA and executive development program participants.
  • Adjunct to team building exercises.


General Information

The assessments includes:

  • Personality Inventory– Assesses the person’s behavioral competencies for leadership.
  • Test for Cognitive Abilities– Assesses the critical thinking and strategic thinking.

With a competency based approach to leadership, this assessment measures four functions critical to leadership effectiveness in an organization: leading change, leading people, result driven building coalition, along with some basic competencies like integrity, open to learning and interpersonal skills. Bass’s model of leadership styles has been used to identify the 5 leadership styles – delegative, participative, directive, negotiative and consultative leadership. This is by far the most comprehensive report for leadership in the industry.

Research on each of the competencies was carefully reviewed in relation to actual case studies to aid in the development of advice. The advice seeks to optimize leadership effectiveness given a high or low score on each of the competency. The report is not designed to change one’s personality; rather, it promotes the development of strategies that allow managers and executives to work and manage more effectively, given a set of personality characteristics.


Test Details

Duration : 60 minutes
Reliability score : Cronbach’s alpha .88
Validity score : This ranges from .86 to .90 for different norm groups
Theoretical basis : The Big 5 Theory of Personality


Key profiles the test is useful for:

  • All CXO level roles
  • President/ Vice President/ Director
  • Mid-management level roles


How it works:

Step 1
Add this test to your cart and order online

Step 2
You will receive the test link via mail – send this to your candidate

Step 3
Candidate take the tests

Step 4
The test result is uploaded onto the client area.

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