Psychometric Test for Cabin Crew


Online Psychometric Test for Cabin Crew – Hire Candidate with Right Aptitude and Behavioral Traits


Use & Purpose:

Psychometric Test for Cabin Crew

Cabin crew requires excellent interpersonal skill for great customer service experience and a high level of decision making and problem solving skills to ensure safety of passengers.

The Test for Cabin Crew (flight attendant test) is a combination of psychometric test for cabin crew and aptitude test measuring competencies necessary for the role. The test is suitable for freshers with no prior experience.

It helps in measuring competencies of a candidate as below:

1) Personality – Measures behavioral competencies such as planning and organisation, following work procedures, team management, meeting customer requirements, approachability, proactivity, stress management, accountability, problem solving etc.

​2) Communication Skills – Measures the listening skills of a candidate and his/ her proficiency in usage of English language to communicate effectively with customers.

3) Decision Making Skills – Measures the ability to analyse given situation and evaluate different alternatives to reach the best possible solutions.

Key profiles that the test can be useful for:

  • Airline cabin crew
  • Air Hostesses/ Hosts
  • Air crew
  • Flight attendants


Test Details

Number of sections


Number of questions


Test Duration

75 Mins

Section Details:

 Personality Profiler

Assesses the candidate’s behavioral competencies required for a cabin crew role and is based on Big Five Model of Personality.

Situational Judgement Test

Assesses the functional understanding of a cabin crew role through real-life situational judgement questions.

Communication Skills

Assesses the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in verbal and written English.

Decision Making

Assesses the decision making ability of the candidate to identify problem and evaluate alternative solutions.


How it works:

Step 1
Add this test to your cart and order online

Step 2
You will receive the test link via mail – send this to your candidate

Step 3
Candidate take the tests

Step 4
The test result is uploaded onto the client area.

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