The Top 4 Characteristics Employers are Looking for


So you are looking for a new job, which can sometimes be a daunting task. Will you be able to cope with an interview? Will you fit the role? Do you have the qualifications, personality, experience even smile that your interviewer is looking for? There are so many factors at play when an employer is selecting the right candidate, but we have found that these top 5 characteristics are what they are actually looking for:

1. Likability

Is it easy to like you? If it is, then well done, you might just land the job. Employers are looking for people that are warm, friendly and outgoing. They are looking for people who will be able to connect well with the rest of the team and add to a positive and productive environment.

2. Honesty and Integrity

You may think that small lies on your CV will get you places. However, it has been shown that employers are able to pick up on inconsistencies in your CV and with the conversations you have. Rather be honest, tell the truth on your CV and in your interview and you may find that the employer will respect you all the more for it!

3. Professionalism

Yes! If you come across as professional, you could find yourself with a corner office. Professionalism is something that everyone can pick up on from first impressions. It comes across in the way your CV is presented, your email etiquette, the way you dress, whether you are on time, your body language and even through the way you speak. So make sure your tattoos are covered during an interview, and definitely don't be late!

4. Curiosity

And interview is not only about you, and interview is also your opportunity to find out about the company. So show them that you are interested by asking questions. Actually, show them that you are interested by doing some investigation on the company before you even get to the interview. This will show that you are willing to do you homework and that you are genuinely interested in working for the company. Curiosity is a pre-cursor to innovation and creativity and companies want to know that their people will innovate for them.

How well do you rate on these four character traits? Do you have some work to do? Or are you an interview genius. We would love to know if there is anything else you think employers are looking for. Share in the comments.

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